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Alexandra Orme

Alexandra Orme


Artist biography

Alexandra Orme is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photo Media) at the Australian National University. She is an aspiring photographer who is interested in exploring the similarities and differences between actions, objects and people. In the future she would like to broaden her artistic practice and integrate her photography into other mediums such as sculpture and screen-printing.

Artist statement

Front Line is an installation piece which focuses on the young men who fought with the 39th Battalion at Kokoda. Many of these soldiers were only eighteen and were never to return home.

The viewer is invited to open the archive folder and, while exploring the documents, to listen to the voices of the enlisting soldiers and personally engage with the people behind the handwriting, photographs and voices.

Front Line is composed of elements of the past and present. It does not just pay homage to the deceased but asks the viewer to think about young soldiers enlisting and fighting in war today.

Artist work

Title: Front Line
Medium: mixed media
Date: September 2011

Artist inspiration

My motivation for this work came from my interest in the Damien Parer exhibit and his film Kokoda Front Line!  I am fascinated by war and the people involved, and was interested to find that most of the soldiers that served in the 39th Battalion in Kokoda were only eighteen. The discovery of my great grandfather’s World War Two documents along with his photograph aided the development of the work as it allowed me to glean a little of who he was and this stirred me to make documents of my own.