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Terrence Craig

Terrence Craig


Artist biography

Terrence Craig

Terrence Craig is in his second year studying Digital Media at the Australian National University.

As primarily a generative artist, Terrence works with digital applications, interested in using them in visually appealing, experimental works.

As can be seen within this work however, his non-digital works often focus on visually presenting objects in a non-traditional way, frequently using macro photography or video to facilitate that alternative perspective.

Artist statement

The concept of placing objects in jars for later analysis is not a new one. It is this capture for later retrieval and analysis that is being explored.

The jars contain modern devices and methods for capturing, storing and retrieving data, images and memories. This is a modern parallel to that of the jars themselves.

Not unlike the mud and 'sea-junk' contained within the old jars, these objects have been removed and suspended from their natural, modern environment.

Artist work

Title: Captured Now
Medium: Interactive
Date: October 2010

Screenshot from Terrence Craig's interactive work, Captured Now, featuring modern data devices in a series of glass specimen jars filled with a yellow liquid.

Artist inspiration

Throughout his artistic career, Terrence has always been fascinated by collections and in particular looking at such collections closely, through macro photography.

Over the two years the Australian cinematographer Frank Hurley recorded life on the steam yacht Discovery, starting their Antarctic mission in 1929. During their mission of exploration, they collected a variety of objects for later analysis, in particular two specimen jars which are on display within the exhibition.

Both the mud and the sea residue would make for very impressive, possibly alien, imagery if shot with a macro lens. These jars exemplify the elements of collection and macro analysis of which Terrence has been drawn to thus far.