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Diana Lawrence

Diana Lawrence


Artist biography

 Diana Lawrence

Diana Lawrence is a Canberra born and raised artist, who has just finished second year studying Digital Media (Bachelor of Visual Arts) at the Australian National University. Her main interests are in animation, both traditional and digital, and also illustration.

She recently had her artwork accepted into the 2010 Cup Project which showcases artwork on disposable coffee cups around the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD).

Artist statement

The Bird and the Pan is a short animation based on a novel about the Australian gold rush. Focusing on following dreams instead of following gold, this animation revolves around three brothers, four birds and two hawks.

Using paper cut-outs, the characters were then digitally animated, to create a simple and colourful aesthetic.

Artist work

Title: The Bird and the Pan
Medium: Video
Date: October 2010

Artist inspiration

Race to the Gold Diggings – The Robber Knights of the Wilds

The 1850s saw a great influx of people to Australia, all trying to find their fortune in gold. With the huge number of people heading to the gold fields, there would have been many people who were pressured by their family to find gold. This work focuses on those people who were not so willing to search for gold, but had no choice.

 A hand-coloured lithographic playing board made of eight paper sections mounted on linen, with a polygonal twelve-sided teetotum or spinning dice and three small painted metal playing pieces in the shape of tall ships. A varnished wooden box and an instruction sheet have been placed beside the game board.
Photo: Lannon Harley.