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Lachlan Cartland

Lachlan Cartland


Artist biography

Portrait image of Lachland Cartland

Lachlan Cartland is an art student of 20 years; that is to say he is 20 and an art student.

Lachlan is undertaking a Bachelor of Digital Arts at the Australian National University and hopes to venture one day into the realms of digital illustration and comic book illustration.

He enjoys drawing, computers, fashion, role-playing and generally being geeky. He is also very tall.

Artist statement

Journey to the Gold Diggings of Australia is essentially a game based on a game. The game in question is the similarly named 'Race to the Gold Diggings of Australia', a board game sold during the gold rush of the 1860s that set players racing against each other to become the first to strike it rich in the 'plentiful' goldfields of Australia.

My work looks at the almost propaganda-like nature of this game in attracting prospectors to this country, and aims to trick the player in a similar way, but through gaming conventions. It also makes use of a narrative to highlight the reality of the goldfields.

Artist work

Title: Journey to the Gold Diggings of Australia

Medium: Flash interactive
Date: May 2009

Screen grab from audiovisual presentation depicting the entry point for the Journey to the Gold Diggings of Australia game.

Artist inspiration

'Race to the Gold Diggings of Australia' children's board game

Australia, Victoria, Port Phillip: in the English imagination of the 1850s, these names became synonymous with gold, opportunity and adventure.

Thousands of British men and women boarded ships for the three-month journey to Victoria, braving separation and shipwreck for the chance to make a quick fortune.

In England in the 1850s, stories about life on the goldfields and advice for potential emigrants were in high demand.

One company produced the board game, 'Race to the Gold Diggings of Australia'. It invites children to imagine the excitement and wealth promised by a journey to the far reaches of the British Empire.

A hand-coloured lithographic playing board made of eight paper sections mounted on linen, with a polygonal twelve-sided teetotum or spinning dice and three small painted metal playing pieces in the shape of tall ships. A varnished wooden box and a instruction sheet have been placed beside the game board.
'Race to the Gold Diggings of Australia' game. Photo: Lannon Harley.