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Cameron Chamberlain

Cameron Chamberlain


Artist biography

Portrait image of Cameron Chamberlain

Cameron Chamberlain is a visual artist from Canberra. After studying at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, he is now halfway through a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Digital Media) at the Australian National University.

Cameron works primarily with animation and is also interested in all aspects of media creation. He looks forward to further refining his character animation skills throughout his degree.

Artist statement

Endurance is an animated work exploring the determination and strength of explorers, in particular Frank Hurley, whose camera is in the Australian Journeys exhibition.

Hurley travelled to the Antarctic in 1929 aboard a joint British, Australian, and New Zealand expedition. He went to great lengths to record the Antarctic for consumption by the Australian public. This piece aims to depict the dedication required to document such a trip.

Artist work

Title: Endurance

Medium: Video
Date: May 2009

Screen grab showing a black and white animation image of a sailing ship

Artist inspiration

Frank Hurley's camera

In 1929 Australian photographer Frank Hurley boarded the steam yacht Discovery at London's East India Dock and embarked on his third voyage to Antarctica. Hurley was official cinematographer to the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE).

He spent the next two years recording life on board the Discovery, the Antarctic scenery and wildlife, and the scientific work of the expedition. Hurley purchased the Debrie camera especially for the expedition. He used it to make a 'talkie' called Siege of the South. This film premiered in Brisbane in 1931, bringing the alien world of the Antarctic home to Australian audiences.

A rectangular box-shaped motion picture camera with a hand-crank and glass lens. The camera's metal body is silver with black side panels and has external slides, levers and dials for adjustment and operation. 'Le Parvo Modele L' is stamped in the metal plate beneath the lens at the front of the camera.
Debrie Parvo model L 35mm hand-crank movie camera used by Frank Hurley.
Photo: George Serras.