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Medals and mementos

Medals and mementos

Remembering Rome

Neale and Velma Lavis generously welcomed Museum staff to their family property outside Braidwood, in New South Wales. They allowed the Museum to photograph, copy and borrow many precious horse-related objects and materials. These photos from 2013 and 2014 reveal more of Neale’s horse story and the medals and mementoes from his great bush victory at the Olympic Games in Rome.

Click on the images below for more details of Neale's life story

  • Neale Lavis’ bag of films and photos for copying by the National Museum of Australia.
    Films and photos
  • Neale Lavis showing Carol Cooper his rug of show ribbons.
    Ribbon rug
  • Neale Lavis and his Australian equestrian jacket ridden in the dressage and show jumping events at the Rome Olympics, 1960.
    Equestrian jacket
  • Neale Lavis showing off his replica Italian saddle, February 2014.
    Italian saddle
  • Neale Lavis with his two medals from the Rome Olympics, 1960.
    Olympic medals
  • Neale Lavis’ Team Gold Medal for winning the three day event at the Rome Olympics, 1960.
    Gold medal
  • Neale Lavis’Individual Silver Medal from the Rome Olympics, 1960.
    Silver medal
  • Neale Lavis with a painting of  Mirrabooka jumping in Rome.
    Mirrabooka painting
  • Neale and Velma Lavis, February 2014.
    Neale and Velma
  • Neale riding his stockhorse Clancy, ready for a trip to the mountains.
    Album cover, 2010



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