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Filming Neale's story

Filming Neale's story

A bush rider's Olympic story

Neale generously allowed the Museum to copy precious family photos and personal eight-millimetre films showing his Olympic performances and preparation. This material has been combined and reworked for the Museum's film 'A bush rider's Olympic story'. These images were taken in December 2013, when Neale was interviewed about his life, and filmed riding his racehorse, Wattle Grove.

Watch 'A bush rider's Olympic story'

Click on the images below for more details of Neale's life story

  • Jeremy Lucas, Neale Lavis and Wattle Grove, December 2013. Photo: Diego Zambrano.
    Neale on Wattle Grove
  • Jeremy Lucas and Diego Zambrano, December 2013. Photo: Carol Cooper.
  • Neale Lavis riding Wattle Grove, December 2013.
    Riding Wattle Grove
  • Jeremy Lucas assisting Neale Lavis to mount the Go Pro, December 2013.
    Mounting the camera

People and the Environment

This online feature is written by Carol Cooper, Senior Curatorial Fellow, National Museum of Australia. Horses in Australia is part of the National Museum's People and the Environment program. Discover more stories about people's relationships with Australia's natural and built environments on our People and the Environment website.