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After Rome

After Rome

Family, horses and cattle

After Rome Neale met and married Velma. They had four children and Neale became a successful breeder of Hereford beef cattle and thoroughbred horses, including the Melbourne Cup winner Just a Dash. Neale nurtured his love of bush riding and started a tradition of pack rides in the Snowy Mountains with friends. In 2014, he continues to breed racehorses and mentor young riders.

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  • Neale’s first rough-riding experiences, and learning care of cattle
    Neale with cattle, 1941-42
  • Rough-riding
    Neale rough-riding
  • Mirrabooka in Olympic retirement
    Mirrabooka in Olympic retirement
  • eale with his  Irish thoroughbred, Whiskey Road, who was at stud at Strathallan in the late 1970s and 1980s.
    Neale with Whiskey Road, 1970s
  • Neale with mares and foals at his Strathallan property in the 1980s
    Neale with mares and foals, 1980s
  • Thoroughbred and stockhorse mares and foals at Strathallan, 1990s.
    Horses at 'Strathallan', 1990s
  • Neale with Jim Jardine
    Snowy Mountains ride
  • Snowy Mountains ride
    Snowy Mountains ride
  • Snowy Mountains ride
    Snowy Mountains ride
  • Snowy Mountains ride
    Snowy Mountains ride
  • Anzac Day ceremony
    Anzac Day ceremony
  • Neale Lavis with Warri at Strathallan, February 2014.
    Neale with Warri, 2014
  • Neale with Carol Cooper
    Neale's training tips, 2014

A generous mentor

Neale is also a wonderful and prodigious mentor to his many friends and family, and to the wider horse community. He remembers the support given to him in the past. Instances like the Moruya Pony Club fundraising before he went overseas in 1959, to give him the money to purchase a high quality Italian dressage and jumping saddle for use in Rome.

Over the years, Neale has given generously of his time, teaching younger generations, and sharing the knowledge and skills that he has gained over a lifetime of bush and competitive riding, from buckjumping to high jumping, eventing and dressage at the highest national and international levels. 

People and the Environment

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