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Danielle Musca

Danielle Musca

Journal entry by Danielle Musca
Journal entry by Danielle Musca, 27 August 2001
Danielle Musca


Extract from Travel Journal

Istanbul Gallipoli
27 August 2001
Mercan Hotel, Galibolu

We left for our tour at 9.30am. I didn't get up for breakfast though. Today was the most amazing day of my whole holiday. We headed for Gallipoli. It was about a five hour drive, we had a stop at a place for lunch. We had yummy chicken meatball salad roll (1500000TL). We then went to Gallipoli. Firstly we visited the war museum (500000TL STUD). It had many photographs of WWI and also veterans of today and dawn services. The rest was artifacts from WWI. There were letters that soilders had written that didn't even reach their families. That was really sad. There were uniforms, guns, cutlery, pins, bottles etc. There were even false teeth. After that the bus took us to ANZAC Cove. It was so beautiful and peaceful, it was hard to believe that 80 years ago it was full of war and bombing. The scenery was spectacular. It was really emotional, I even cried. We walked along ANZAC Cove to an Australian cemetry. There were about a hundred I think buried there. A few that had no names. The location was really special. The graves overlooked the ocean. I couldn't believe their ages. I only say two over 25. One even 17 yo. There were men building a memorial there. It was really hard to comprehend. After this we drove down to where the dawn service is held on ANZAC Day. Thousands of people, some even sleep out to go. We walked down onto the shore. I paddled my feet in the georgeous blue pebbled ocean that was so peaceful. We drove to another Australian cemetry called the Lone Pine Cemetry because there is only one pine tree there. This had a big monument as well as a wall of names of the Australian men who served at Gallipoli. There were also graves of unknown me. They lie on the south and north side. I was speechless the entire day. We drove then to a Turkish cemetry all the graves faced Mecca and it was a lot better then the Aussies. Not that the Aussie ones weren't nice. There was a huge statue of a Turk and a song engraved in a plaque that they used to sing. Ali sung the song and translated it to us. After this we went to a NZ cemetry and also walked down and around some trenches of the Turks. That was cool. They were not as deep as in WW1 as there have been landslides but it was an experience I'll never forget. The whole day was so emotionally exhausting. Words can't describe the feelings of pride, saddness and awe that you feel for the people who served there especially the Aussies. It was a 45 min drive to the hotel. The bus was quiet. It was a really beautiful drive. I wasn't expecting Gallipoli to be so beautiful. I read a little of the book I brought (7mtL). It was interesting because it was from a Turkish point of view. We skipped dinner too full from lunch. Had an OJ at the bar with the rest of the crew, then played a party game of squatting the cigarette into the bottle. Then nite.