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Anne Comber

Anne Comber

Anne Comber putting the work of Year 5 (1998) students at St Patrick's, Kogarah, in the Lone Pine Memorial
Anne Comber putting the work of Year 5 (1998) students at St Patrick's, Kogarah, in the Lone Pine Memorial, August 1998
Anne Comber

Visited in August 1998 and took a book of letters written by her students at St Patrick's Primary School to leave at Lone Pine. The book was there from some time, an Australian man contacted Anne when he returned from visiting Gallipoli to congratulate her on the children's work.

Some thoughts on Anzac Day
by Year 5 St Patrick's Primary School Kogarah
New South Wales, Australia 1998



Dear Soldiers,
All of those poor soldiers go to war for their country. They die poor poor soldiers. Some survive with no legs and arms, some come back injured and dead. All those poor kids and parents crying for their loved ones. From, Anthony.

Looking up the hill from the beach at Anzac Cove
Looking up the hill from the beach at Anzac Cove, August 1998
Anne Comber

We were sitting outside drinking our tea in peaceWhen all the soldiers came to our lives.They said, "You are to come with usand you are to pack your bags and go to the warand say good-bye to your family before you leave."They put me onto a ship and took me to Suvla Bay.We were to beat the Turks.We arrived at Suvla Bay.The Turks were waiting for us upon the hill, quickly they struck at us - we did all we could do, they threw bombs, fired guns and more.Others fell to their knees.They were all taught and trained and had good skills.But we just couldn't do it.
Now we remember those who died and were buriedand bodies that weren't found.We thought we had good luck for that battle but I guess we had the opposite, many men and women were injured.For those we remember the bad times they had. So now we remember their lives on Anzac Day.


I was on my way to Europe,
But then they held me back,
They said there is a war on,
And took away my sack.
They put me on a ship,
With armour and a hat,
There weren't any animals,
Not even a cat.
When we went to the field,
It was all quiet,
I knew that we would begin a very big riot.
I saw the blood of others,
On the smooth sand,
No-one was running,
No-one would stand.
I hated that day until now.
I thought how I got past it,
I thought, "Wow!"


Dear Lord
We pray for all the people who fought in battles to help other countries which we swore to help in war. On Anzac Day we remember all the people who fought and died in the war.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for all of the people who stood up for Australia and showed we care for other countries.

Dear Bapou George,
How are you? I hope you are good because I like you, I have never seen you before. You died before I was born after the war. But I have photos with you in them. That's how I know you.
Love from Andrew.

They came from all nations, different colour, different size
Men fought to save their country every day and every night.
Women and men, doctors, nurses came to those who were beaten and tortured by guns, bombs and shells,
They fell to their knees in need of help.
They gave their very best throughout the four years
So we pray for all who fought on a special day called Anzac Day.

We were working in the fields living our normal lives,
When they came and asked us to leave our children and our wives.
We packed our bags and went to war
We thought that we would beat them all.So there we were in Suvla bay
But luck did not come our way
We buried dead soldiers in the sand
And then we started to pity the land.
The Turks were waiting at the top of the hill
They were all trained and had good skill.
When the war ended we sailed back,
Injured but still carrying our sack.
Now we think of all those who went away
We will always remember them on ANZAC DAY

Mary K

Patrick, I know you're younger than me but you stand up for yourself and go to World War One. Don't be scared, you have had gun practice so get out there and shoot them all. Tell me everything when you come home, that is if I see you again.
By Michael

On day I went for a walk
a man said, "We have to talk",
he bought me a gun
and said, "Come on son,
hop on this ship
and go on a trip
and fight this war till there is no more.
Come on son it will be fun.
"I went on my trip
on the huge ship.
I fought in the war
and I said, "I can't fight any more."
So back on that ship
that gave me a lift
I went back and saw
all my family at the door.
They saw me there with a bullet in my leg
and said to me,
"What happened to you?"
I said, "I fought in the war
I could not fight any more,"
and there I died
with happiness and pride.


We will always remember the people who have died or survived the war.Some waited for their husband's return, others were as happy as could be to see each other again.Not everyone survived, some died, some were wounded:No legs, no arms, some insane. We will remember them.

To all the soldiers
who fought in the war
May the Lord our God bless you all
Through bad and good you died for us
And helped our country win the war.


Dear Soldier
I thank you for fighting for Australia.You all were brave.It must have been scary to fight for Australia.I wish I was there to help you but I was not there.If there is another war I would help.

We were living with our children and our wives,
Living an enjoyable life,
When I got told to fight,
With gun, weapons and dynamite.
We were sent to Gallipoli,
Where the Turks showered us with bullets and bombs,
The war was very long,
I got injured in my knee,
But my heart was the key.
They took me to Australia
where they cared for the sick and lame.
Now I see the Anzac parade on TV,
And I think about my best friends who died,
But like in and out of the war, I started to cry.

The Turkish Cemetery at Gallipoli
The Turkish Cemetery at Gallipoli, August 1998
Anne Comber

15th December, 1915
To Michael,
Our men are suffering very bad diseases and wounds, 100 of our men have died. 110 of the enemy have died today. We have made very little progress up the mountain. My left arm has been blown off. Peter my mate has just died after being shot in the chest. I will leave here on 18th December in the night.Timothy
P.S. Meet me at Circular Quay at 10.30am on 21st February.
Send to: Kogarah, N.S.W. Australia.
If lost send to Gallipoli

The war was tragic,
My grandfather's name was Patrick,
He fought in World War II.
But boo hoo,
When he came back they gave him the sack,
Four years later he died,
We all sighed and prayed,
as we watched people march with joy
down the lanes of Australia.

Gentlemen went to war to fight
And women went to be nurses
Lots of people died in he war
Little people lived
It wasn't safe
People felt proud
Old people did not go
Little people did not go
If you were a certain age you were forced to go.


We remember the soldiers who made peace for Australia.
They were our heroes, some came back with broken legs, arms and some were even blind.
But they survived it.

They stared at me and I stared back and I was feeling really bad,
I knew I had to be brave and strong even though I was a young lad.
I took my gun and shot at them, they shot back with a bigger gun,
I was getting angry and I knew this wasn't fun.
The area was full of dead soldiers and one had a great big wound,
We brought him back to a doctor. He said, "You're lucky you brought him so soon."


Dear Soldier
You must have been brave when you found out you were going. Are you injured or hurt? I hope not. What you did a lot of people are proud of. How was the march on Saturday, good? I have to go for now.
Bye bye
From Chantelle.

Lone Pine Cemetery and memorial
Lone Pine Cemetery and memorial, August 1998. The Pine grew from the seed of an original tree that was destroyed during the fighting in 1915.
Anne Comber
I remember those dreadful months at Gallipoli.
How horrible it was, the bloodshed, the injured and the dead.
It was all horrible.
I can never forget when my arms were chopped off. I wish I could forget, but I can't.


People survived and
Each person would fight. That's how
Anzac Day started. Now we all remember all those people with
Each April 25th we remember.


I received a letter from the leaders of the Government that said, "There will be a war going on because the Turks have closed off the clear way that the Russian people wanted to get their food from" The place was called Gallipoli.So this means I would have to go in the war. I could just picture it in my mind, people dying and the Turks bombing us.I hoped I would live and come back with both hands and legs.Now I have come back from the war with my both hands and legs, so I have succeeded and now I am marching in the march with my friends and I am wearing my badges.
Mary Z

Dear Lord, We pray for all the people who fought and died in the war and for peace among all countries. On ANZAC DAY the people who fought in the war, who are still alive, march in the ANZAC parade.

I still remember the terrible day and all the tragedy,
I can feel the blood going through my arms and I can feel the pain people suffered.
But that was long ago. Now people march and they think of the people who have died during war.
Now may all the men who have died rest in peace.

The troops came out with fear
their minds were all clear
They shot their guns
they only ate buns.
But some got killed at the war.
Then the time came,
When it was time to blame.
Who started the fight?
They flew like a graceful kite.
Some came home wounded.
Women cried here and there
The people just sat and glared
Wounded men lying on the floor,
Leading them to an open door.
They died and rose to heaven.