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1954 Royal Tour of Australia

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Remembering the tour

In 2014 it is 60 years since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's first visit to Australia as reigning monarch.

About 75 per cent of Australia's population caught a glimpse of the newly-crowned queen on her 1954 tour.

The National Museum of Australia is marking the 60th anniversary by conserving a Daimler landaulette motor car used by the Queen in 1954.

From our Royal Daimler Project blog

Look what we found!

By npharaoh
07 Oct 2016
This strange looking object is an adjustable air-bladder lumbar support which would have provided a comfortable ride for Queen Elizabeth II during her 1954 tour...
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Detail of portait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a pale yellow dress and tiara.

A rare portrait

William Dargie's 'wattle painting', a stunning portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II in 1954.

Two women seated on a lounge. The woman on the left is holding an embroidered tablecloth and the woman on the right is holding a microphone.

Royal memorabilia

Interviews with avid collectors of royal memorabilia, including Professor Peter Spearritt.

Blue text on a white background reads 'When the Queen came to town'.

Share your memories

Contribute your story, photos or film to When the Queen Came to Town, a new documentary film.

Join us at the National Museum of Australia on 12 June 2014 for an exclusive film preview prior to a national release later in the year.


A badge with a picture of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and a metal pin attached to rear. Text on the badge reads 'SOUVENIR, 1954 ROYAL VISIT'.

Royal Romance

Photos and facts from our exhibition on Australia's passionate response to Queen Elizabeth II's first visit.

A paperback magazine with cover featuring a colour photograph of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip in front of a red carpeted staircase and text 'SPECIAL ROYAL TOUR ISSUE/The Sun'. Dated February 3, 1954.

Explore our collection

More 1954 Royal Tour objects from the National Museum's collection.

Queen Elizabeth is seen from above, walking from a vehicle toward a building. Behind the vehicle are what appear to be many police on horses lining the edge of the road upon which the vehicle is parked. A group of people wait near the building, apparently ready to greet the Queen.

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Front section of a motor car showing centre grille and two headlights eight side

Daimler landaulette

Learn about the history of our Daimler: from Royal car, to farm shed, to Museum.