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Aboriginal breastplates online feature

Aboriginal breastplates

This web feature presents an online version of Jakelin Troy's book on Aboriginal breastplates titled King Plates: A History of Aboriginal Gorgets. Minor revisions and enhanced with the National Museum of Australia's collection of Aboriginal breastplates.

Anzac Pilgrims

ANZAC Pilgrims

A slideshow of images taken from different visits to ANZAC Cove. (2004)

Neale Lavis with racehorse Warri, at his property near Braidwood.

Australian bush horses and riders

The origins and passion for bush riding in Australia, explored by senior curator and keen horsewoman Carol Cooper (2014).

A black and white photogram showing an image of a man as well as a pair of scissors to the far right.

Australian Digital Journeys

Student multimedia works inspired by the Australian Journeys gallery. (2009-11)

Barks, Birds and Billabongs

Barks, Birds and Billabongs

This symposium explored the legacy of the 1948 American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land. The website includes links to the symposium audio and proceedings and the Museum's collection records. (2009)

Basin Bytes

Basin Bytes

A collection of photographs taken by people living in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin, showing local landscapes, resources, cultural heritage and characters. (2004-06)

Bottles from the Basin online feature

Bottles from the Basin

An online exhibition which shows people and places, the water quality and issues that communities along the Murray-Darling Basin are dealing with. (Launched 2010)

Can You Strike It Rich During The Gold Rush?

Can You Strike It Rich During The Gold Rush?

Put yourself in the shoes of someone on the goldfields and see if you can strike it rich! To win at this game you will need to think clearly and strategically. You will also need a hearty dose of good luck!

Collaborating for Indigenous Rights

Collaborating for Indigenous Rights

A website about the fight for Indigenous civil rights and land rights 1957-1973. Using archives and oral histories, it tells the history of 1967 Referendum, the Freedom Ride, Wave Hill Walk Off and other key events. It includes more than 80 biographies of activists, and classroom resources for teachers.

Cook's Pacific Encounters: Cook-Forster Collection online

Cook's Pacific Encounters: Cook-Forster Collection

A database of objects collected by James Cook's Pacific expeditions. Held in the Forster Collection at the University of Gottingen, Germany, the website features objects from the 18th century.

Cycling in Australia

Cycling in Australia

Explore the role of the bicycle in Australia. Learn more about our nation’s cycling stories and objects, and to join the conversation about the bike’s past, present and future. (2013-16)

Defining Moments in Australian history

Defining Moments in Australian History

Explore events, people and places of profound significance to the Australian people. Hundreds of key moments compiled by a panel of leading historians and members of the public.

Digital Landmarks 2012

Digital Landmarks 2012

A rich collection of photographic, animated and video works from students at the Australian National University School of Art, in response to the Landmarks gallery (2012)

Farmers' stories from the Upper Murray

Farmers' Stories

An online exhibition which features a series of images and short interviews of real farmers who work for themselves. (2007)

Food stories

Food stories

School gardens, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Program and objects from our collection. (2014)

From Little Things Big Things Grow exhibition

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Personal stories and video interviews with activists who fought for Indigenous civil rights in Australia from 1920 to 1970. Related to the Collaboration for Indigenous Rights website.

Google Cultural Institute

Google Cultural Institute

The National Museum of Australia's online partnership with Google Australia brings the Museum's objects and galleries to the world on the Google Cultural Institute.

Hooked on the Goulburn River

Hooked on the Goulburn River

A collection of stories about people and fish 'hooked' on the Goulburn River. (2006)

Horses in Australia

Horses in Australia

Explore the role of horses in Australia, focusing on our nation's equine and equestrian history. (2014)

Inside: Life in Children's Homes and Institutions exhibition


Personal stories of life inside children's homes and institutions, from Forgotten Australians, former Child Migrants and members of the Stolen Generations.

Looking Around exhibition

Looking Around

A collection of photographs exploring the idea that suburbs are a network of people who come together through schools, sporting clubs and other community organisations. (2004-05)

Many Rhymes, One Rhythm

Many Rhymes, One Rhythm

A project between the Museum and two leading hip hop artists, to help kids in remote areas tell their stories through rap songs. (2005)

George Megalogenis

My life in objects

Well-known Australians share the stories behind personal objects that tell us something special about their lives and experiences.

Object stories

Object stories

Object Stories is a collaboration between the National Museum, ABC Open and Radio National and it's great in many ways.

Pass the Salt exhibition

Pass the Salt

An online exhibition which explores places, examines objects and tells people's stories about salinity in the Wagga Wagga region, New South Wales. (2006)

Rabbits in Australia

Rabbits in Australia

Rabbits in Australia explores our complex relationship with this introduced species. (2014)

Springfield-Faithfull family collection


A rich record of the life and times of the Faithfull family and their merino sheep property at Springfield in New South Wales.

An elderly couple and two young women or girls sit around a radio the size of a bar fridge

Start of the ABC

1932: Formation of the Australian Broadcasting Commission

Red tags hanging inside the Museum's window.


A storywall that captured, celebrated and reflected visitors experiences of 2011.

The Paddock Report

The Paddock Report

Regular reflections on one paddock on one Australian farm, and its place in a changing world. (2013)

Sunshine harvester

The Sunshine Harvester Works

An online version of the Sunshine Harvester Works interactive in the Landmarks gallery, which looks at the harvester, the factory in Sunshine and the workers' strike that took place in 1911.

Urban Farming and the Agricultural Show online feature

Urban Farming and the Agricultural Show

Interviews and images of contemporary urban gardeners and historical analysis of agricultural shows as an arena for exploring ideas about people, food and place. (2012)

Violent Ends

Violent Ends

Transcripts, images, video and audio recordings from this forum on global warming, involving artists, scientists, film makers, historians and writers. (2009)

A large Tasmanian canoe seen on the eastern shore of Schouten Island, colour engraving by Charles-Alexandre Lesueur, artist on the Baudin Expedition (1800–1804).

Water in Australia

Object stories and community projects exploring the ways that people imagine and use water in Australia. (2015)