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The National Museum's galleries

Eternity: Stories from the Emotional Heart of Australia tells the personal stories of ordinary and extraordinary Australians.

Eternity presents history through emotions that speak directly to people's real experiences, from joy and hope to fear and chance. Striking objects powerfully illustrate uniquely Australian stories from the famous and the everyday, the living and the dead. Visitors are invited to record their personal story in the Eternity video booths.

First Australians: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples traces 50,000 years of the spirituality, diversity, identity and survival of Australia's Indigenous people.

Traditional and contemporary culture are brought together in the Museum's largest gallery. Communities from across Australia are profiled alongside controversial stories of conflict and resistance and celebratory stories of the success and influence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Every story in the First Australians gallery was developed with extensive community consultation. The gallery includes an Open Collections area where Indigenous communities have private access to artefacts.

Journeys: Australia's Connections with the World explores the voyages that connect Australia to the world.

It shares the personal stories of some of the people who have travelled to and from Australia's shores over time.

Old New Land: Australia's People and Environment looks at Australia's environmental history.

Stories of land and people, climate, flora, fauna and ecology illustrate how human histories are written on the land and how the environment has shaped life and agriculture. The gallery examines Australia's unique plants and animals, the impact of introduced species and the land as a link between black and white histories.

Landmarks: People and Places across Australia explores a broad history of Australia through stories of places and their peoples.

Landmarks considers 10 themes in Australian life, exploring how each has unfolded in particular places across the country. Every place shows us something about who we are and how we live in this land. It looks at how people have engaged with landscapes, flora, fauna and technologies to develop distinctive Australian communities.

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