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The Source database is based on the work done for two journals about children's literature - Magpies and Literature Base - and comprises four databases:

  • 5,000 picture books, children's and young adults novels which are searchable by subject, author, title, genre and age range. Most titles are by Australian authors. Selected books from other English speaking countries are included in order to reflect Australian school and public library collections
  • 123,000 poems from all over the world. Each record displays subject, author, title, genre and first line
  • lists of the winning and shortlisted authors for over 40 children's book awards
  • a developing database of short stories, some in full text

Each database has a separate, well set-out search page, with examples to guide you and a link to tips for creating a more precise search. Follow the links to:

  • lists of the different genre represented
  • a thesaurus of subjects
  • useful guides on how to construct a query

The databases are continually updated and expanded. Drama and short stories for children are being indexed at present. News about children's literature is included on the home page.

Links in individual records take you to the date, place of birth and brief biographical information for a number of authors and illustrators. Further links go to authors' web pages, where known.

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Last updated 13 May 2011

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