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Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online offers a range of Australian and international information sources suitable for school students, families and teachers with the following special features:

  • each item is allocated a reading level
  • access to the illustrations as well as the text for all Macquarie publications
  • access to a wide range of image databases
  • a news feed from the ABC and AAP

Sources found on MacquarieNet


Quick search is located at the top of the Home screen:

  • choose between the reference collection or dictionaries by selecting the appropriate radio button
  • type in keywords related to your search
  • click 'Go'

The Advanced search option allows you to select a particular collection, database or title to search. There is also a link to an Internet search engine and a separate dictionary search.

To perform an advanced search:

  • select Advanced Search at far end of search bar
  • click 'Select Collection' and choose one or more sources to search (eg particular collection, database or title)
  • click 'Go'

The result lists for both searches show the following:

  • a symbol indicating what kind of material will be found at that reference
  • the total number of hits in each reference source
  • a link to the closest matching record
  • a reading level for the source (easy, medium or advanced)
  • thumbnails of any pictures or diagrams

Click on a record in the results list to view more information. Individual records include the article, citation and copyright information.

For more information on making even more precise searches of MacquarieNet using Boolean operators, truncation and proximity searching, see MacquarieNet Help.

Other features

Learning resources

There are many learning resources available for use in the classroom including:

  • over 400 outcome-based lesson plans that include classroom procedures, group tasks and worksheets
  • a weekly homework planner incorporating current news (and the answers for previous sheet)
  • search training (both MacquarieNet and Internet) via structured activities
  • Explore Australia, which is an interactive map with six major search themes: society, indigenous, environment, history, news and images;
  • SchoolMap where students can publish their own work


MacquarieNet provides links to a wide selection of searchable image databases. Appropriate images display to illustrate many articles.

News feed

MacquarieNet provides the following news feeds:

  • AAP - daily feed from Australia's major news service provider Australian Associated Press with hundreds of stories from Australia and around the world archived each day
  • ABC News - twice-daily feed from the ABC news archived from 1 January 2003 which can be searched by subject or by date using 01/1/2003 format

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