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Electric Library Australasia provides Australian and international full text articles from newspapers, wire services, transcripts from TV and radio, magazines and books as well as maps and pictures. Electric Library gives a reading level rating to all its documents. Australian material is able to be isolated from other material using the advanced search. The database is updated daily around the middle of the day.

Australian newspapers on Electric Library Australasia

  • AAP General News (Australia)
  • AAP Sports News (Australia)
  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia)
  • The Australian
  • Australian Colour Mag
  • The City (South Australia)
  • The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Australia)
  • The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)
  • Eastern Courier Messenger (South Australia)
  • Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sunday Mail (Adelaide, Australia)
  • The Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Hills & Valley Messenger (South Australia)
  • Leader Messenger (South Australia)
  • The Mercury (Tasmania, Australia)
  • News Review Messenger (South Australia)
  • Payneham Messenger (South Australia)
  • Portside Messenger (South Australia)
  • Standard Messenger (South Australia)
  • Guardian Messenger (South Australia)
  • Sunday Tasmanian (Tasmania, Australia)
  • The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)
  • Weekly Times (Victoria, Australia)
  • Weekly Times Messenger (South Australia)

Simple search

To perform a simple search:

  • select required sources by selecting the boxes under the icons (news, magazines, books, maps, pictures, audio/video and transcripts)
  • select search type by clicking on the appropriate source icon
  • type in search terms using natural language, ie. asking a question or entering a few words
  • click 'search'

Boolean Search (involving the use of operators such as and, or and not) is the other available search. To make this process easier, select 'Build a Boolean search' on the left-hand side of the simple search box.

The results are presented showing the search terms, the total number of hits per source type and a list of the documents found. Each document has a date, reading level, size and relevancy keyword score. The results can be sorted by these and a number of other attributes.

Each full text document can be seen by selecting the title of the document which is highlighted and underlined.

Advanced search

Advanced searching allows the user:

  • to carry out more specific searches (an extension of the simple search function and cannot be used separately as a query still must be entered)
  • to isolate Australian content by selecting the 'Australasian content only' button
  • to stipulate dates (either a date range or specific date matching) for the search query
  • to search individual publications, authors and specific articles by entering the information in any/all of the document title, publication and author name text boxes

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