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The Museum Research Library subscribes to the following resources. You must be a staff member of the National Museum of Australia to view their content. Please contact the Research Library if you have any queries.

Please contact the Research Library if you have any queries.

eBooks Link
eBooks: EbscoHost - multidisciplinary subjects Link to EbscoHost eBooks resource
eBooks: CSIRO - agriculture, plant and animal sciences, and environmental management subjects Link to CSIRO eBooks resource
eBooks: Getty Publications Virtual Library - "Free digital backlist titles from the Getty Publications Archives" Link to Getty Publications VL
Databases and Journals
reCollections - Journal of the National Museum of Australia
Link to reCollections
Informit – Indigenous Database Link to Informit Indigenous database
Informit – Literature & Culture Collection Link to Informit Literature and Culture collection
Informit – Humanities & Social Sciences Collection Link to Informit Humanities & Social Sciences collection
Informit – Meanjin (full-text):
Volume 35, Issue 1 (April 1976) - Current edition
Link to Informit Meanjin 1976 to current edition
Informit – Meanjin (full-text):
Volume 20, Issue 1 (1961) - Volume 34, Issue 4 (Dec 1975)
Link to Informit Meanjin 1961-1976
Informit – Meanjin (full-text):
Volume 6, Issue 1 (Autumn 1947) - Volume 19, Issue 4 (1960)
Link to Informit Meanjin 1947-1960
Informit – Meanjin (full-text):
Volume 1, Issue 1 (Christmas 1940) - Volume 5, Issue 4 (Summer 1946)
Link to Informit Meanjin 1940-1946
Royal Society Publishing - the Publishing Division of the Royal Society
Link to Royal Society Publishing
Newspaper databases
Australian New Zealand Reference Centre (ANZRC) - full text Australian and international newspapers and journals (EBSCOhost)
Link to ANZRC resource
Electric Library (Proquest) - Australasian and international news sources
Link to Electric Library resource
The Source – a subject guide to children's literature
Link to The Source resource
Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online
Link to Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online
Auction catalogues  
Australian Art Sales Digest (AASD)
Link to Sales Digest
Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australasia
Link to Price Guide
Antiques Reporter
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