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Onsite school programs 2018

The National Museum of Australia’s school programs are led by Museum staff and designed for students from Foundation to Year 12. Check out our curriculum-linked programs.

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Historical knowledge and understanding

Then and Now

F–4, 90 mins, $7
Students handle objects and explore the galleries to investigate how life has changed in Australia over the last 100 years


F–6, 30 to 70 mins, $3
Students build their own time-travelling robot and blast off to explore one of eight mystery scenes from Australia’s past.

Canberra’s History

3–6, 90 mins, $7
Students explore the history of Acton peninsula — its Indigenous people, the first European pastoral settlers, early Canberra government and today’s National Museum.

Wild Colonial Bag

3–6, 2 hours, $1
Teachers lead self-guided student groups using 'Unpack the Museum' activity bags.

Australia’s Migration Stories

5–12, 2 hours*, $7
Students investigate some of the 10 million migration stories from 1788 to today, reflecting on our changing attitudes towards migration.

Meet the People

5–12, 1 hour, $5
Students are introduced to the life of a fascinating Australian through key objects, then explore the Museum’s galleries to find more inspiring people in Australian history.

Making a Nation

5–12, 1 hour, $5
Students investigate the theme of nationhood by handling objects and exploring the Museum’s galleries.

Indigenous cultures and histories focus

Aboriginal Australia

F–4, 90 mins, $7
Students are introduced to the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and life before 1788.

Tools of the Land

3–4, 90 mins, $7 
Tools of the Land introduces students to a wide variety of Indigenous tools through object handling and discussion.

Dreaming Bag

F–6, 2 hours, $1
Teachers lead self-guided student groups using 'Unpack the Museum' activity bags.

Early Contact

3–6, 90 mins, $7
Students handle a range of objects to explore and discuss the two vastly different cultures that collided during the European settlement of Australia.

A Living Culture

5–12, 2 hours, $7
Students handle and explore a range of objects to help them understand the ways in which Indigenous cultures have evolved and adapted in the last 200 years.

Indigenous Rights and Freedoms

9–12, 2 hours, $7
Students learn about key people involved in the struggles for rights and freedoms for Indigenous Australians, and how these struggles were shaped by global trends.

Historical skills

Collecting is Fun

F–1, 1 hour**, $5
Students investigate how collections can help us remember the past, through object handling and gallery exploration.

Talking Points

3–12, 1 hour, $5
Students are introduced to some of the highlights of the Museum’s galleries in a one-hour guided tour.

Investigating Sources

5–10, 2 hours*, $7
Students identify and develop historical skills and creatively report back their findings, understandings and conclusions through ICT.

* 90-minute guided program with a Museum educator and 30-minute teacher-guided exploration

** Collecting is Fun will not be offered in 2019

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