Wood engraving 'Christmas in Australia'

A coloured wood engraving of a scene titled 'Christmas in Australia', from 1865. The scene depicts seven women, ten men and five children in a forest of tall trees. In among the trees are tall plants with very large fronds. The people are scattered throughout a clear area in among the trees, more or less in the centre of the image. Some sit on the ground on rugs, while some stand. At left, a woman and a boy sit on a large log. In the mid-ground, two men and a woman are on horses. All of the men in the scene wear shoes, trousers, shirts, vests and jackets. Some of them wear peaked caps or hats. One wears what appears to be a pith helmet. The women all wear large hoop-style skirts, shirts, long-sleeved jackets and hats. The girls in the group wear skirts, stockings and have ribbons around their waists. The boys wear knee-length shorts, stockings, shirts and jackets. The men and women are either talking or reading books. In the middle foreground, a boy and a girl play with badminton rackets and a shuttlecock. In the far background a covered horse-drawn coach is parked in among the trees. In the right mid-ground is a simple tent. A rope extends from its apex to a nearby tree.
Source: State Library of Victoria (IAN23/12/65/COL).

National Museum of Australia

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