Family picnic on the grass, West Side, New York, 2008

A colour photograph of a young girl, a man, a baby and a woman sitting on a rug on a grass-covered slope. The young girl on the left is wearing a sleeveless dress, pink sunglasses and sandals. The man next to her is facing towards his left and seems to have his eyes closed. He is holding a small plastic container in front of him. He is wearing a tee shirt and white shorts, is barefoot and has his sunglasses pushed up onto his head. The baby is lying asleep on the rug between the man and the woman. The woman on the right is facing forward and using her right hand to spoon food into her mouth from a plastic container she holds in her other hand. She is wearing a sleeveless tee shirt, slacks and spectacles and is barefoot. A bag, a plastic container and a sheet of aluminium foil are on the rug, and two pairs of sandals are on the grass beside the rug.
Source: Ed Yourdon.

National Museum of Australia

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