Picnic by the car, England, 1969

A black and white photograph of a family sitting in a semi-circle on the ground. Two small children sit between a woman and a man, and they are all looking at the camera. The woman on the left sits on a cushion with her knees bent up. She is wearing slacks and a striped tee shirt. She rests a plastic bowl on her knees and has a cup and saucer on the ground between her feet. Next to her is the boy, the younger of the two children, and then the girl. The girl is holding a plastic bowl in both hands. The man on the right has his legs outstretched and appears to be sitting on some paper. He has on a long-sleeved shirt and trousers and is wearing spectacles. A small station wagon is parked behind the group. It is facing forward with the driver's side and front of the vehicle visible. There is a wooden gate behind the car and to the left of the gate the trunk and some foliage of a large tree can be seen. Other trees are visible in the background.
Source: whatsthatpicture.

National Museum of Australia

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