Picnic in the Blue Mountains, c1910

A black and white picnic scene from around 1910. There are three women, two men and three girls in the scene. They are all sitting or lying on the ground in front of a large rock formation. All of the females wear long skirts and long-sleeved tops. The women have their hair pinned up; one of them wears a hat. The girls have long hair and wear hair bands or ribbons in their hair. The men wear trousers, long-sleeved shirts and ties. One of them wears a waistcoat and a jacket. The men are in the middle of the group. One woman and two girls are to the left of the men, while one girl and two women are to the right of the men. Above and behind them, on a rock ledge, are some hats and what appear to be some books or folders. Around the group is leaf litter and small plants. Some more of this vegetation can be seen on the rock formation, along with some moss and lichen.
Source: Blue Mountains Library.

National Museum of Australia

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