Milk in metric measurement containers, 1974

A collection of milk containers on a table. To the left background is a row of cartons with branding and text on them. The cartons range in size from one litre, to one quart, two litres and half gallon. In front of them is a row of 600 millilitre capacity cartons, also with branding and text on them. In front of those cartons is a row of 300 millilitre capacity cartons, also with branding and text. To the right of the image are glass bottles containing milk and more cartons. The bottles are arranged in rows of large and small sizes. The cartons appear to be either the one litre or one quart size. One small carton sits in front of the row of small bottles.
Source: NSW Government. Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW (d3_22502).

National Museum of Australia

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