A kitchen in Western Australia, 1980

A kitchen from the 1980s. At the left is a tall cupboard with two doors, one on top of the other. To the right of the cupboard is an electric stove, with a four element cooktop at bench level, and an oven mounted above the cooktop. In the corner of the kitchen, to the right of the stove, is a large brown ceramic pot on the kitchen bench. A corner cupboard unit is above the pot. To the right of the pot is the kitchen sink. Further right is more bench space with a vase containing flowers sitting on the bench. Above the vase is another wall-mounted cupboard unit. There are many storage areas with separate doors under the bench. The wall at the back of the kitchen is covered in brown tiles, each about the size of a medium block of chocolate. Large white ceiling tiles can be seen overhead the kitchen.
Source: State Library of Western Australia (320116PD).

National Museum of Australia

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