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Giants of the Eromanga Sea

Journey to prehistoric Australia, when a vast inland sea was home to one of the world's mightiest hunters.

Duration: 1:42. Courtesy: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales.

Australian dinosaurs

Dinosaur expert Dr Mikael Siversson discusses the history of Australian dinosaur discoveries.

Duration: 2:22. Courtesy: Western Australian Museum.

'Come sit in a dinosaur's footstep' on the ABC Splash website
ABC Catalyst report about fossilised dinosaur trackways near Broome in Western Australia. Duration: 3:59.

'Minmi, Australia's ankylosaur dinosaur' on the ABC Splash website
Paleontologist Dr Ben Kear introduces one of Australia's most famous dinosaurs. Duration: 3:37.

'How big is Australia's largest dinosaur bone? on the ABC Splash website
Footage of dinosaur bones on display at the Queensland Museum and a discussion about extracting, preparing and displaying fossilised dinosaur bones. Duration: 4:50.

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