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Did you know there were many more forests in prehistoric Australia? Giant conifers, ferns and gingko trees were abundant. There were no eucalyptus trees or grasses.

Age of reptiles

Dinosaurs lived from about 250 to 65 million years ago, at a time also known as the age of reptiles. This was the Mesozoic era, which included the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Dinosaur fossils are not as common in Australia as some other countries, but there is good evidence it was home to many large and small dinosaurs, which lived in the forest and wetlands.

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  • Colour illustration of a four-legged dinosaur with tail and bony projections on its head, body and tail.
    Minmi paravertebra
  • Colour illustration showing a dinosaur with long tail, strong hind legs, small front legs and sharp teeth, feeding on the partially visible carcass of another dinosaur.
  • Colour illustration of a large dinosaur with four legs and a long tail and neck.
    Diamantinasaurus matildae
  • Illustration of dinosaurs and a waterway. One large four-legged dinosaur grazes at the water's edge. Several others are submerged in water. One in the foreground has its long neck extended well above the surface.
    Dinosaur era
  • A reconstructed dinosaur skull with two rows of sharp teeth visible. Several vertebrae can be seen extending from the base ofthe skull.
    Tyrannosaurus rex skull
  • Coloure photograph of green pine fronds.Several green spiky pine cones, and small brown pine cones are also visible.
    Prehistoric plants
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