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Whose decision?

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Whose decision?

Did you know one of the protestors in the Franklin campaign was a character called Greedozer?

Artist Benny Zable wore a gas mask and black robes as Greedozer, to make a statement about greed and the destruction of the environment.

Stopping the dam

The Tasmanian Government made the decision to dam the Franklin River in 1978, hoping to create jobs and boost the state's economy with the sale of electricity from the dam.

The proposed dam was opposed by many people who wanted the river and the land around it preserved. Hundreds of protestors were arrested on charges of trespassing and obstruction.

In 1983 the Federal Government vowed to stop the dam and was supported by the High Court of Australia.

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  • Colour photograph showing water rushing through a rocky gorge. Green moss and trees line the upper reaches of the gorge.
    World Heritage List
  • Protesters holding a banner with the text
    Protest banner
  • People standing on a balcony. There is a large banner with the text
    Wilderness Society headquarters
  • A man wearing a gas mask standing in a boat on a river. Police are observing the scene.
    Greedozer protests
  • A gas mask with the end of the metal nose cone painted with a red and black nuclear symbol. Attached to the mask is a black fabric hood.
    Greedozer mask
  • A poster with the text 'Save the Franklin, Damn the Government'
    Protest poster
  • A poster with the text
    Dombrovskis photography
  • Colour photograph showing an exterior view of the High Court, taken from across the lake. A row of flags flies on the lake shore, outside the court building.
    High Court
  • A news poster from the Weekend Australian with the headline
    No dam news poster


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