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Why build a dam?

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Why build a dam?

Water supply and energy

There are various reasons for damming a river. The most obvious is to create a more reliable water supply for a town or city. In a country where rainfall can be variable (and is often seasonal), having a ready supply of water is essential. Dams also provide water for irrigation, to grow crops and run livestock, in drier areas.

Rivers can also be dammed to generate hydro-electricity. This was the main reason behind the proposal to dam the Franklin River. Supporters argued that the dam would provide clean energy for Tasmania, create jobs and encourage economic growth.

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  • A lightbox depicting key locations in the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme
    Irrigation and electricity
  • Black and white postcard showing a photograph of a concrete spillway, above a waterway. Gum trees line the steep bank on the left side.
    Water supply
  • Cover of a booklet titled 'Blowering Dam' showing an aerial photo of a large dam and surrounding landscape. Text and a small crest also feature at the bottom.
    Blowering Dam
  • A sepia photo taken from above a concrete dam wall. Several people stand on the wall, looking at the water on one side, and the spillway on the other.
    Mundaring Weir
  • Black and white photograph showing a dam and dam wall.
    Burrinjuck Dam


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