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Endeavour runs aground


Caution: This website may include images and names of deceased people that may cause distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Endeavour runs aground

Did you know there was a goat, cat and greyhounds on the Endeavour?

The cat helped control rats and mice. Sheep, chickens, pigs and a goat provided the crew with meat, eggs and milk. And naturalist Joseph Banks took two greyhounds, which he used for hunting.

Stranded on the Great Barrier Reef

Captain James Cook left England on the Endeavour in 1768 with a large crew and several scientists and artists on board. It was Cook's first journey to the Pacific. He sailed to Tahiti then on to search for the 'unknown southern land'.

Cook first saw the mainland of Australia in 1770 and sailed up the east coast. The Endeavour became stuck on a reef off the coast of what we now know as Queensland.

Cook's crew threw objects, including six cannon, overboard to lighten the load and raise the ship from the reef. The Endeavour was sailed into a river for repairs, and to collect food and water.

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  • Cameo-style engraving in relief showing a man's portrait with 'Capt Cook' inscribed in print at the base.
    Cook's mission
  • Distance aerial photograph showing the coastline of Queensland, ocean offshore and clouds to the north.
    Great Barrier Reef
  • Colour photograph showing different varieties of coral growing on an underwater reef.
    Coral, Great Barrier Reef
  • Small mounted model of a sailing ship with three masts.
    Endeavour model
  • Colour illustration showing four sailors throwing barrels and a cannon from a ship.
    Saving the Endeavour
  • Museum display showing a metal ship's anchor with wooden stock. A cannon and diagram of a ship are also visible.
    Recovered anchor
  • A large cannon mounted on a timber base, on display in a museum.
    Endeavour cannon
  • A long, rectangular-shaped metal bar with a pitted surface.
    Iron ballast
  • Detail image showing the stern of the <em>Endeavour</em> sailing ship.
    Endeavour detail


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