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Sideshow alley

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Sideshow alley

Fun rides, games and displays

Early agricultural shows were mostly about displaying and judging animals and produce. As more people attended, organisers began to provide other entertainment. 'Sideshow alleys' with rides, games and displays attracted children and adults who were less interested in farming. Sideshow alley remains popular today.

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  • A large crowd of people with many gathering outside tents and buildings with signs advertising 'Chad Morgan', 'Le-Garde Twins' and 'Maze of Mirrors'. Other people are walking down the centre of the alley.
    Sideshow alley
  • A woman sits at the front of a red rollercoaster car, with another person partially visible in the seat behind.
    Mad Mouse
  • Black and white photo showing a ferris wheel in the distance and a group of people walking down sideshow alley in the foreground.
    Ferris wheel
  • A man and a woman with snakes draped around their necks. Several onlookers are visible in the background.
    Snake charmers
  • Two  children in a dodgem car.
    Dodgem ride
  • A row of dodgem cars.  Two men and two children are visible in the photo.
    Dodgem cars
  • The laughing clowns section of the Royal Adelaide Show.  Woman and children are playing the games.
    Laughing clowns
  • An image of children on a carousel ride.  Featured in the foreground is small boy on a carousel horse with a man standing behind him.
    Carousel ride
  • A crowd of people making their way through the sideshow alley at the Royal Adelaide Show.
    Sideshow alley


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