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Show bags

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Show bags

Always popular

The first 'sample' bags were given away for free from the late 1920s and usually contained small food samples. Over the years, the price, contents and design of show bags have changed, but they remain popular. Today there are bags promoting toys, sports teams, magazines and cosmetics. Prices range from a few dollars to more than $200! For many, a visit to the show is not complete without buying at least one show bag.

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  • Two young girls eat a treat while holding show bags. One reads 'Jellex Jelly Crystals'; the other 'Peanut ETA Paste'.
    Food samples
  • Colour photograph of a show bag with printed text 'Supa Bag, Rosella Fine Foods, Soups, Jams, Pickles, Sauces'.
    Supa bag
  • Black and white photograph showing two young boys, one lying with his eyes closed, on a ladder which rests longways, alongside a wall. Several show bags are lined up beneath him. Beside him, another boy sits reading.
  • Black and white photograph of a young girl carrying multiple sample bags and a balloon and small doll on sticks.
    Show bags and balloon
  • Black and white photo showing two girls posing with show bags outside the Centennial Hall at night.
  • Black and white photo of a child wearing a sailor's hat and pants and carrying mulitple show bags on both arms.
    Iceblocks and superheroes


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