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The Museum and the Centre have forged strong relationships with kindred bodies within Australia and overseas. The Centre chooses its partners carefully, to reflect the range of the Museum’s interests, the expertise of its staff and the nature of its engagement with the scholarly world. Centre members enjoy many informal links with academic and non-institutional colleagues, but we enjoy close links with several significant bodies. These include:

Dr Kirsten Thisted, Leif Thisted and Professor Griffiths
Dr Kirsten Thisted, Leif Thisted and Professor Griffiths following an event jointly hosted by the Centre for Environmental History at the Australian National University and the Centre for Historical Research at the National Museum of Australia. Photo: George Serras, National Museum of Australia

ANU Centre for Environmental History

Environmental history is one of the Museum’s strongest research areas (both among researchers at the Centre for Historical Research and the curators in the People and the Environment team) and it is one of the Museum’s core themes. We have enjoyed close links with environmental historians at the Australian National University for over a decade, and in 2009 formalised that relationship by entering into a partnership. The Museum supports the ANU Centre for Environmental History's programs in various ways: by collaborating on meetings and workshops (such as the bi-annual post-graduate workshop in environmental history) and through the Victorian Bushfire Project, through which Peter Stanley is completing his history of Black Saturday at Steels Creek.

Strehlow Research Centre

Located in Alice Springs, the Strehlow Research Centre is an autonomous centre within the Museums and Galleries of the Northern Territory. It houses the anthropological collections of TGH Stehlow, collected from the 1920s to the 1970s. As a significant repository of cultural artefacts and records, the Centre’s board includes representatives from beyond the Northern Territory, and Dr Mike Smith is the Commonwealth government’s nominee.

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

In 2011 Libby Robin was guest professor in the division of History of Science and Technology, School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute

The Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute (formerly the Centre for Advanced Studies in Australia, Asia and the Pacific or CASAP) is located at Curtin University, Western Australia. It brings together historians and other scholars from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on environmental and cultural studies, embodying a wide-ranging mix of approaches and expertise, many of which connect with the Museum’s scholarly interests and which enable it to demonstrate an interest in the wider region. Dr Peter Stanley has been a member of the Curtin University Centre’s board since 2007, and in 2011 became its chair.

Pacific History

Jenny Newell is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Pacific History.