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Matthew Higgins: projects

Matthew Higgins, formerly a senior curator at the National Museum of Australia, has been researching, writing about, talking about, walking and skiing the Australian high country for two decades.

Rugged Beyond Imagination

As a Research Fellow at the National Museum's Centre for Historical Research, Matthew wrote a book on the history of the ACT high country, with an emphasis on people's relationship with the mountain environment. The project offered an opportunity to conduct further research and draw material together into a book aimed at the general public.

'Australia has precious little snow country and it is in the mountains that we see a really distinctive relationship between people and the Australian environment,' Matthew said. 'The mountains helped to shape people's lives in a whole range of ways'.

While many books have been written on the New South Wales and Victorian alps, few have focused on the ACT high country. Rugged Beyond Imagination concentrates on the post-settlement period and covers themes including: grazing, brumby running, surveying the ACT-NSW border, fire and forestry, water harvesting, science and skiing.

Rugged Beyond Imagination focuses on the Namadgi-Tidbinbilla area. It also covers other places in the ACT and NSW, which have a historical relationship to the core area, including parts of Kosciuszko National Park. Matthew draws on dozens of oral history interviews he has conducted since the late 1980s, using the prism of individual experience to help to tell a broader story.

Rugged Beyond Imagination is published by National Museum of Australia Press. The book includes historical photographs and contemporary images – many taken by Matthew before devastating bushfires swept through the area in 2003.

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pdf Download the mail order form for Rugged Beyond Imagination (PDF 1002kb)

Shortlisted for the ACT Book of the Year Award. See ACT Chief Minister's media release.

Matthew Higgins, in red, leads a tour of the Bobeyan Valley, near Canberra.
Matthew Higgins, in red, leads a tour of the Bobeyan Valley, near Canberra. Photo: George Serras.

High Stakes

Australia's snow country occupies a tiny part of the nation's landmass, yet it is highly significant. In this short film Matthew Higgins explores the Snowy Mountains in winter. Join Matthew on a cross-country ski trip as he visits historic huts, tells about natural heritage, enjoys the aesthetic power of the white peaks, and ponders the threat of climate change. Will Australia lose its snow country? If it does, what will be the impacts, not just on skiers, but on whole species, and even on our food bowl, the Murray-Darling Basin?

Flickr tile - Murray Meandar images
Flickr tile - some images from Murray Meander

Murray Meander

As part of the Museum's development of Australian content for the Water: H20=life exhibition (December 2009), Matthew Higgins undertook extensive research on the Murray River. The research  highlights 'the Murray's natural, historical, Indigenous and other values [as] key parts of the Australian story'.

He documented this research in two Flickr sets:

Assisting Namadgi projects

In January 2010 Matthew assisted with a new walking track project in southern Namadgi National Park. Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts Peter Garrett announced in 2009 a package of $68,000 for an interpretive walking track linking historic Brayshaws, Westermans and Waterhole huts in the southern part of the park. The walking track, which visits a number of sites highlighting rural life in the mountains, will include interpretive signage, boardwalks, bridges and basic visitor facilities.

Matthew joined ACT Parks and Conservation Service staff Louisa Roberts, Lois Padgham and Dave Whitfield, ACT Heritage Unit's Linda Roberts and Anna Gurnhill, and the Kosciuszko Huts Association's Richard Stanley for fieldwork to look at the route and discuss the nature, location and content of signage for the track. Matthew has used the walking route many times in the past with bushwalking groups and students. The new track promises to bring Namadgi's rich cultural heritage further within reach of the general public and will make a contribution to people's enjoyment of the Australian Alps as a whole.

The group discusses interpretive signage at the Grassy Creek stockyards.
The group discusses interpretive signage at the Grassy Creek stockyards. Photo: Matthew Higgins.

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Heritage walk
Matthew Higgins led a small group of people on a cultural and natural heritage walk in the Namadgi National Park in April 2009.
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