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Sayers, Andrew

audio_w15 Australian art and artists in 1913, 30 April 2013

audio_w15 Glorious Days: Australia 1913 exhibition launch, 6 March 2013

audio_w15 Big objects and Museum Workshop exhibition launch, 24 October 2012

audio_w15 Menagerie exhibition launch, 12 July 2012

audio_w15 Inside: life in children's homes and institutions exhibition launch, 15 November 2011

audio_w15 Off the walls exhibition launch, 27 October 2011

audio_w15 Presentation to the Music Council of Australia, 11 September 2011

audio_w15 In the national interest: the National Museum of Australia, 16 March 2011

pdf 'A springboard for originality' (PDF 167kb), Friends magazine, vol. 22, no. 1, March 2011.

audio_w15 Museums and their place in the world, 1 December 2010

audio_w15 Letter readings from the Voyages of Discovery, 20 October 2010

audio_w15 Exploration and Endeavour exhibition launch, 14 September 2010

pdf 'The National Museum and the story of Indigenous Australia' (PDF 143kb), Friends magazine, vol. 21, no. 3, September 2010.

Schamberger, Karen

audio_w15 Guna Kinne and her Latvian national dress, 14 May 2008

audio_w15 Showcases II – examples of material culture research in museums, 30 May 2008

Sear, Dr Martha

audio_w15 Spirited: behind the scenes, 18 September 2014.

'Spirited: Australia's Horse Story', The Museum, issue 6, Sep14-Feb15, pp 14-19.

'Horse power', The Museum, issue 5, Mar-Aug 2014.

'Stilled lives'
, The Museum, issue 4, Sept 2013 - Feb 2014.

'New acquisitions: Nelson's dog collar', The Museum, issue 1, Mar-Aug 2012.

audio_w15 George Reid: a journey through three parliaments, 13 August 2008

The making of Australian Journeys, 7 October 2008

audio_w15 Photographer Richard Daintree's glass plates, 10 October 2007

Sear, Martha (with Michael Cathcart)

audio_w15 Review of the National Museum of Australia's Australian Journeys gallery, 27 March 2009

Serras, George

audio_w15 Door to store: Caring for your photographic collection, 9 May 2013

audio_w15 Door to store caring for your collection - Saw Doctor's wagon, 9 November 2012

'Images of the National Museum of Lao', commentary, reCollections, vol. 6, no. 2, October 2011.

Shephard, Denis

pdf 'Motoring icons for the National Museum of Australia & the FJ Holden' (PDF 617kb), Friends magazine, vol. 15, no. 3, September 2004.

Smith, Dr Mike

audio_w15 'The Compleat Archaeologist: A tribue to Mike Smith', 8 February 2013

Video icon The lost art of stratigraphy videos, December 2012

audio_w15 Viewpoints on material culture, 30 May 2008

audio_w15 Into the desert, 05 September 2007


Smith, Dr Mike (with Robyn Davidson)

audio_w15 Nomadic cultures, journeys and coming home, 16 September 2007

Smith, Dr Mike (part of panel discussion)

audio_w15 Bob Edwards: museums and archaeology, 22 March 2011

Smith, Nicki

audio_w15 Landmarks, behind the scenes with conservators, 20 October 2011

audio_w15 Risk management and light levels, 14 May 2010

audio_w15 Into the light, 27 March 2009

Stanley, Dr Peter

'The Grainger Museum', exhibition review, reCollections, vol. 6, no. 2, October 2011.

'Knights of the sky: Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre', exhibition review, reCollections, vol. 6, no. 1, April 2011.

Working machines and 'broken Britain', reCollections, vol. 5 no.1, April 2010.

audio_w15 The role and purpose of museums in public life, 31 March 2010

audio_w15 Closing remarks, Barks, Birds and Billabongs symposium, 19 November 2009

audio_w15 What is a memory?, 26 August 2009

audio_w15 Memorials and sacred sites, 26 August 2009

audio_w15 From collections to exhibitions – welcome and keynote address, 27 March 2009

audio_w15 Ninety years ago on a French hillside: a story of Mont St Quentin, 31 August 2008

Stolte, Gretchen (with Duff, Alisa)

'Old Masters', The Museum, issue 4, September 2013-February 2014.

Stolte, Gretchen

'A gift of culture', The Museum, issue 5, Mar-Aug 2014.

Styles, Catherine (with Arnold, David)

'Embracing digital learning', The Museum, issue 3, March-August 2013.

Styles, Catherine

'Object stories', The Museum, issue 5, March-August 2014.