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Stimulating and happy memories

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for the invitation to attend this wonderful symposium on 8 February. It sounds a delight, just the mix of thoughtful, creative, academic and fantastic stuff one would expect in connection with your contribution to desert archaeology.

Although we won’t be able to come, I would LOVE to attend with John and Tim, our time in Canberra for the 23° S conference still providing us with stimulating and happy memories. We remain grateful to you for so many wonderful experiences for all three of us during that time. Of course, we’d love to acknowledge in person how much you’ve helped us too in the pursuit of desert knowledge. It is always stimulating to commune with you, and wonderful to have received so much reliable and insightful help over the years. John’s friendship with you has sustained or inspired him – or lightened his heart and provided many entertaining anecdotes to lighten gloomy times!

We send you wishes for wonderful experiences and colleagueship during the symposium,


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