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Sound and vision

Sound and vision

Video and audio highlights from the National Museum's People and the Environment program, including collection stories, forums and events.

Foundation training with Paul McGreevy

Professor Paul McGreevy is a veterinarian and professor of animal welfare at the University of Sydney who is particularly interested in equine well-being. In this film, Paul and his two-year-old filly Sierra demonstrate some of the techniques of foundation training, the first stages of establishing the horse-human relationship.

Tighe milk cart

The National Museum of Australia’s collection includes a horsedrawn milk cart that was used by the Lincoln Park Dairy to deliver milk in the Melbourne suburb of Essendon from the 1940s until 1987. Essendon milkman Conway Tighe tells the story of the Lincoln Park milk wagon and the horses that pulled it.

Lincoln Park Dairy collection highlight

Use of the whip in horseracing

Veterinarian and University of Sydney Professor Paul McGreevy talks about his research into the use of the whip in Australian thoroughbred races. Paul focuses on a 2012 study in which his team analysed high-speed video footage of the final 200 metres of races to record how whips were used, in comparison with the Australian Racing Board’s rules.

Silent Conversation, by Harrie Fasher, 2014

Artist Harrie Fasher describes and demonstrates the process of creating her steel rod sculpture Silent Conversation. Part of the National Museum of Australia’s collection, Fasher’s work explores the possibilities for connection and communication between people and horses.

Read senior curator Martha Sear’s blog post about working with Harrie to develop Silent Conversation.

Ron Lashbrook's 1950s home movies from Collingullie

Ron Lashbrook grew up on a wheat and sheep farm near Collingullie, in New South wales. In the 1950s he captured images of large tennis parties at Collingullie and nearby Belfrayden. In later decades, a relentless economic dynamic of ever-increasing farm sizes and the use of ever larger machines drew people away from the farmlands of southern Australia. Today, the once raucous tennis courts at Belfrayden have vanished beneath the grasses of a quiet paddock.

See more of Ron's films on our Food Stories website

The art of Jenny Pollak: engaging the natural world

Australian sculptor Jenny Pollak explains the intriguing process behind researching and creating her artwork New World Order – Terra Australis.

This work considers the impact of rabbits on the Australian landscape and psyche and is part of the National Museum’s collection. Recorded at the artist’s home studio in the Pittwater area of northern Sydney, 2013.

Find out more about Jenny’s sculpture, New World Order

Critical Undercurrents – a One River symposium

Black and white photo showing three women standing behind three men in a waterway.

Share the stories of people, politics and creative projects from the Murray-Darling Basin, in this One River Centenary of Canberra symposium, developed in partnership with the National Museum of Australia, and recorded at the Museum on 25 August 2013.

One River involved artists working with local communities on a range of creative projects across the Murray-Darling Basin. Speakers include Kim Chalmers, Daniel Connell, Vic McEwan, Malcolm McKinnon, Sarah Moles, Major Sumner, Carmel Wallace and Kirsten Wehner.

audio_w15One River audio on demand

Award-winning urban farmers

Contemporary urban producers Melissa Dede, Chris Hunter and Brett King share advice on growing award-winning produce. Includes tips and techniques and an exploration of the ways gardeners understand and practise food production. Recorded at the National Museum on 10 October 2013, to coincide with Floriade.

audio_w15Award-winning urban farmers audio

'Part of the feast': The life and work of Val Plumwood

A celebration of the life and legacy of environmental philosopher Val Plumwood, recorded at the National Museum on 7 May 2013.

Features ABC broadcaster Gregg Borschmann, anthropologist Deborah Bird Rose, editor Lorraine Shannon, curator George Main and crocodile expert Grahame Webb.

audio_w15Val Plumwood forum audio on demand and transcript

The National Museum's collection includes a canoe which was being paddled by Plumwood when she was attacked by a crocodile in Kakadu National Park in 1985.

Val Plumwood canoe collection highlight

Giant of the outback. A windmill from Kenya station

Third generation grazier John Seccombe outlines the history of a Simplex windmill which stood on his family's grazing property, near Muttaburra in central Queensland for more than 80 years.

The windmill is now part of the National Museum's collection and the upper section is on show in the Landmarks gallery.

Kenya Station windmill collection highlight

The Lost Art of Stratigraphy: Part 1

The first in an eight-part series from desert archaeologist Dr Mike Smith on sediments, layers and the stratigraphy of archaeological sites.

The aim of the series is to get you thinking stratigraphically - beginning with sediments, then moving on to look at layers, interfaces and features, and finishing with the processes that overprint or reorganise the original stratigraphy of a site. No sophisticated instruments are needed.