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Books from the National Museum's People and the Environment program.

book cover
Landmarks: A History of Australia in 33 Places
Daniel Oakman, Martha Sear & Kirsten Wehner (eds)
January 2013

book cover
Making Sense of Place: Exploring Concepts and Expressions of Place through Different Senses and Lenses
Edited by Frank Vanclay, Matthew Higgins and Adam Blackshaw
May 2008

book cover
A Change in the Weather: Climate and Culture in Australia
Tim Sherratt, Tom Griffiths & Libby Robin (eds)
January 2005

book cover
PS Enterprise
by John Clark & David Wardle
August 2003

book cover
People of the Rivermouth: The Joborr Texts of Frank Gurrmanamana
by Les Hiatt, Kim McKenzie, Betty Ngurrabangurraba, Betty Meehan & Rhys Jones
February 2002