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Libby Robin

Libby Robin, Senior Research Fellow, Research Centre

Post-traumatic stress and the long Shadow of Ebola

By Libby Robin
19 May 2015
After 42 days without a new case of Ebola, Liberia is officially now ‘free’ of the disease, as of 9...

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Portrait of Libby Robin
Libby Robin. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

About Libby

I joined the People and Environment team at the National Museum of Australia in 1998 as one of the curators developing the Tangled Destinies exhibition for the opening at Acton in 2001.

One of the exciting tasks I had at this time was to go to Perth to discuss with a range of museum and university professionals what an exhibition about the city of Perth might look like, particularly the idea of the view of the changing city of Perth from the Mt Eliza lookout. This part of the exhibition did not eventuate, but the idea of collaborative discussions about ideas for people and the environment was something that started in the west, and has continued strongly ever since.

This discussion of ideas continues through the Australian and New Zealand Environmental History Network, which I have convened since 1999, when I moved to the Australian National University.

In 2007, I joined the National Museum's Centre for Historical Research, now the Research Centre, on a 50 per cent basis, remaining at the Australian National University for the second half of the year.

In 2012, I was chief investigator on a successful Australian Research Centre Linkage Grant, The Culture of Weeds. This enables ongoing collaborative work between the university and the Museum in the areas of garden history, invasion biology and land management.

Current projects

My current projects at the Research Centre include:

  • Expertise for the Future research program; including the book, The Future of Nature
  • Collecting the Future research program around museums, communities and climate change
  • The Culture of Weeds Linkage Grant project, including the forthcoming book Fear of Ferals
  • A History of Science in Australia’s Arid Lands, including a special issue of Historical Records of Australian Science and work on the Alive with the Dreaming! Songlines Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, which combines art and science
  • The Edges of Environmental History, including the forthcoming book of the same title, co-edited with Christof Mauch, to be published in 2014 in the Rachel Carson Center Perspectives series.

Publications and other activities

View a complete list of Libby Robin's publications and other activities on her Research Centre page or visit the Australian and New Zealand Environmental History Network.