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Daniel Oakman

Daniel Oakman, Senior Curator

Dinosaurs, whiteboards and curators: Making the ‘Life in Australia’ environmental history gallery

By Daniel Oakman
06 Jul 2016
Museum and gallery curators have not been served well by popular representations of their craft. There are two primary archetypes....

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About Daniel

Portrait of Daniel Oakman
Daniel Oakman. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

I joined the National Museum of Australia as a curator 2004, following a few years working as a researcher and historian for the Australian War Memorial and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

One of my first projects at the National Museum was to develop an exhibit around the impact of the motor car in Australia and the symbolism of the early model Holden cars.

In my current role, I'm responsible for managing the Landmarks: People and Places across Australia gallery.

I have a strong interest in histories of movement and human-powered transportation. I am working on building the Museum's cycling-related collections, as well as putting together a travelling exhibition on the experience of cycling in Australia since the 19th century. I’m particularly interested in the ways the bicycle revolutionised the perception of the Australian landscape and changed understandings of human power and endurance. I also have a long-standing interest in the life of the cyclist and politician Sir Hubert Opperman.

Educational qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy (History), Australian National University, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, (Thesis: Facing Asia: Australia and the Colombo Plan), 2003.

Master of Arts (Public History), Monash University, 1995.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Monash University, 1993.

Exhibitions and films

Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia, new National Museum travelling exhibition on the role the bicycle has played in the lives of Australians since the late 19th century, opening in 2014. Role: lead curator.

Australian History Mysteries: Myths and Mysteries of the Crossing of the Blue Mountains, DVD education resource, 2012. Role: script advice and presentation.

Landmarks: People and Places across Australia, permanent exhibition gallery at the National Museum, 2007-11. Role: curator, content development, program management and delivery.

'Holden: Australias own car', exhibition module produced for the National Museum's Nation gallery, 2006. Role: curator.

Nation: Symbols of Australia, ongoing content development and management of permanent exhibition gallery, 2004-06.

Online features

'No.3 Lanham Street'. Short-animated film produced for the Landmarks gallery and the National Museum website, 2012. Role: curator, content development and direction.


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