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Education resources

Education resources

Primary sources, units of work, classroom activities, multimedia and more, all linked to the environment curriculum area. Visit the Museum's Engage & Learn site for more.

Primary sources

Primary sources are objects in the collection of the National Museum of Australia. Many of them are relevant to educators and students; below is a sample. Each one has an image, a detailed description, and a statement of its educational value.

Years 5 and up
Historical skills, environment

Multimedia and more

Here you'll find animations, Flash interactives, audio-on-demand, collection highlights and (in time) selected video clips.

Years 7–10
Environment, Arts, Australian history
Years 5 and up
Australian history, environment, Indigenous culture & history
Years 5 and up
Arts, environment
Years 11 and up
Years Foundation–2
Environment, Australian history

Classroom activities

Classroom activities provide teachers with content and ideas for a lesson.

Years 3–8
Australian history, environment, media, arts, English
Years 5–9
Australian history, Indigenous culture & history, historical skills, arts, English, geography, environment
Years F–6
Australian history, Arts, Georgraphy

Units of work

Units of work developed since 2012 align with the new Australian Curriculum: History.

Years 4–10
Australian history, geography, environment, English, arts
Years 6–10
Environment, Geography
Years 4–10
Environment, geography, Indigenous culture & history, arts
Years 9–12
Geography, environment, Indigenous culture & history
Years 9–12
Historical skills, Australian history, Indigenous culture & history, media, environment
Years 6–10
Environment, Australian history, geography, Indigenous culture & history
Years 5–9
Environment, geography
Years 8–12
Geography, environment
Years 6–10
Australian history, geography, environment
Years 9–10
Australian history, historical skills, environment, geography, Indigenous culture & history