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Reima Miezitis' bike
Reima Miezitis' bicycle
A modified Roadmaster bicycle used by a Tasmanian woman in the 1940s and 1950s.
Jim Coyle cycling collection
Jim Coyle cycling collection
Memorabilia belonging to a talented amateur cyclist who had his greatest success as a veteran.
Sydney Royal Easter Show medallion Won by show-ring jumping team Emilie Roach and ‘Dungog’. Photo: Sam Birch.
Sydney Royal Easter Show medallion
Won by show-ring jumping team Emilie Roach and ‘Dungog’.
Mary Wilsallen’s sulky
Mary Wilsallen's sulky
A pony-sized brass Sydney sulky from about 1940, belonging to champion horsewoman and breeder Mary Willsallen.
Lincoln Park Dairy horsedrawn cart
Essendon milk cart
A horsedrawn cart used by Lincoln Park Dairy to deliver milk in Melbourne from the 1940s to 1987.
Australian Light Horse uniform
Australian Light Horse uniform
Owned by a farrier who served with the 9th Light Horse Regiment in Egypt and Palestine.
The Australian Sketchbook
The Australian Sketchbook
Popular sketches of life in the 1860s by artist Samuel Thomas Gill.
Emilie Roach and Dungog
Emilie Roach equestrian collection
Prized possessions belonging to a champion horsewoman and show-ring jumper.
wcastle bakery cart
Newcastle bakery cart
One of a fleet of horsedrawn vehicles used by the Newcastle & Suburban Co-operative Society from the 1940s.
Portrait of Jorrocks
Portrait of Jorrocks
An amateur portrait of Australia's first celebrity racehorse from the 1840s.
Quail's saddlery collection
Quail's saddlery collection
Furniture, tools and leatherwork from a saddlery run by three generations of the Quail family in Cooma.
George Hamilton horse welfare collection
George Hamilton horse welfare collection
A beautifully illustrated mid-19th century publications argue for better conditions for horses.
Peter Heal's recumbent bicycle
Peter Heal's recumbent bicycle
Used to set solo cycling records across and around Australia.
Harry Clarke's penny-farthing
Harry Clarke's penny-farthing
An 1884 bicycle owned by a champion penny-farthing racer.
Ken Ross cycling collection
Ken Ross cycling collection
Medals won by one of a few Australian cyclists in Europe after the First World War.
Part of the 1866 Melbourne Cup.
1866 Melbourne Cup
The earliest known Melbourne Cup in its original state.
Horsedrawn coach
Ranken Family coach
One of the oldest horse-drawn vehicles in Australia.
Sunshine harvester
Sunshine Harvester
A horse-drawn harvester, made at Sunshine, Victoria in 1911.
Detail of two people looking at Phar Lap's heart on display at the National Museum
Phar Lap collection
The legendary racehorse’s unusually large heart.
An 18ct gold, three-handled cup style trophy
Peter Pan's Melbourne Cup
Won by Peter Pan, one of the few racehorses to have earned the Melbourne Cup twice.
Detail of wooden coach from the 1880s
Nowland's mail coach
A thoroughbrace mail coach that carried passengers across the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales until the 1920s.
A light grey FJ Holden car from the 1950s
Molly Goodall FJ Holden
One woman's first car, garaged under a horse blanket after a lifetime of horsedrawn travel.
Junius Cup
Junius Cup
The oldest surviving Australian racing trophy.
Detail of an embroidered rooster sewn into a square of a quilt
Farm Life quilt
Horses and other animals on a 1930s South Australian farm, drawn with a needle and thread on a school-girls’ quilt.
David Allen agricultural medals
Agricultural medals
A collection with winners including hog-skin saddle makers and a mare named 'Mincemeat'.
Two ornate horse racing trophies
1867 Melbourne Cup
Two trophies, won by one horse in a single year.
Marion Sutherland's safety bike
Marion Sutherland's bicycle
Made in Melbourne by Arthur Sutherland for his wife, Marion, about 1913.

Hubert Opperman's beret
Worn by ‘Oppy’ throughout his life as a tribute to the French for their generous support.
Cadel Evans cycling collection
Cadel Evans collection
A Ridley 'Helium' road bike from the 2008 Tour de France, and a Cannondale mountain bike.
Malvern Star bicycle
Ernie Old's Malvern Star
A 'Sid Patterson' road racer presented to the champion long distance cyclist in about 1956.
Aunty Ivy 'Life. Be in it' collection.
Aunty Ivy ‘Life. Be in it’ posters
Material relating to gardening expert Ivy Lovric who inspired 'Aunty Ivy'.
Detail of a portrait of Robert O'Hara Burke
Burke and Wills collection
Burke's water bottle and objects linked to the explorers' 1861 overland expedition.
Detail of black and white coloured dog
Bush pram and dog boots
Customised camping gear used by the Dunphy family on bushwalks in the Blue Mountains in the 1930s.
Watercolour paintings of two small blue flowers, another yellow bloom and grey-green foliage.
Diana Boyer art collection
Vivid paintings showing the impact of climate change on one woman's life as an artist and a farmer.
Val Plumwood canoe
Val Plumwood canoe
The canoe used by Val Plumwood during a crocodile attack in Kakadu National Park in 1985.

James Ferrier medal
Awarded as second prize in a ploughing match at Coleraine in western Victoria in 1869.
A windmill's grey sails set against a blue sky.
Kenya Station windmill
A Simplex windmill which provided water for stock on a Queensland grazing property for more than 60 years.
Detail of Leichhardt plate
Leichhardt plate and medal
A relic from explorer Ludwig Leichhardt's ill-fated 1848 expedition and a medal awarded by the Royal Society.
Murray-Darling Basin Authority collection
Murray-Darling Basin Authority collection
Protest material documenting a community's reaction at a time of great environmental change.

Nelson's dog collar
Linked to a dramatic story of a dog saving a man during a flash flood in a Melbourne street in the 1880s.
Detail of paddle steamer boat on the lake
Paddle Steamer Enterprise
One of the oldest working paddle steamers in the world.
Detail of a Snowy Mountains Australia medal
Snowy Scheme collection
Tools, models and memorabilia from one of Australia's greatest engineering feats.
Detail of the skin of an adult thylacine
The skin and body of a Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, collected shortly before the species became extinct.