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Reima Miezitis' bike
Reima Miezitis' bicycle
A modified Roadmaster bicycle used by a Tasmanian woman in the 1940s and 1950s.
Black and white pencil sketch on a piece of lined paper showing four men dancing.
Oscar's sketchbook
A rare record of life in the 19th century as drawn by a young Aboriginal man in Queensland.

Norm Wilson PNG collection
A range of objects used by Norm Wilson while working as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea in the 1960s.
Tasmanian bark canoe
Tasmanian bark canoe
A stunning example of the type of canoe made by Aboriginal people in the 19th century.
'Southern Cross' memorial
Southern Cross memorial
Southern Cross Memorial, created by Austin Byrne between 1930 and 1993.
An 18ct gold, three-handled cup style trophy
Peter Pan's Melbourne Cup
The 1934 Melbourne Cup trophy won by racehorse Peter Pan.
Wi-fi prototype
Wi-fi prototype
Invention by CSIRO that is the basis for wi-fi technology and mobile networking.
Paddle steamer model
Paddle steamer model
A scale model of the PS Enterprise created by a descendant of the vessel's original owner and builder.