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Visitors from Framlingham

WARNING: Visitors should be aware that this website includes images and names of deceased people that may cause sadness or distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Visitors from Framlingham

4 Sep 2014

By Jay Arthur and Barbara Paulson

Framlingham visitors Possum Clark-Ugle, Chairman of Framlingham Aboriginal Trust, and his colleague Mick Fitzgerald, took the opportunity while in Canberra on business to drop in at the National Museum.

Here, they caught up with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program team, including curators Jay Arthur and Barbara Paulson, who had recently visited Framlingham.

While at the Museum Possum and Mick were able to re-acquaint themselves with the bark hut located in the lower First Australians gallery. The recreated bark mission hut was built in 2000 by Uncle Bill Edwards (who, sadly, has recently passed away) assisted by Lionel Herbie Harradine, Lionel Chatfield and Joe Chatfield, using materials brought from the Framlingham Mission near Warrnambool in south-west Victoria.

Two men stand in front of a bark hut on display at the museum.
Mick Fitzgerald and Possum Clark-Ugle with Uncle Bill Edwards’ bark hut. Photo: Lee Burgess.
A man and woman shakes hands. A man stands smiling in the background.
Possum Clark-Ugle and Mick Fitzgerald with curator Barbara Paulson. Photo: Judith Hickson.
A team of people.
Possum Clark-Ugle (front left) and Mick Fitzgerald, (back left) meeting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program staff (clockwise from back left) Jay Arthur, Owen Martin, Barbara Paulson, Lee Burgess, David Kaus, Peter Thorley and Jeff Theys. Photo: Judith Hickson.
Two men and two women having a converation.
Possum Clark-Ugle and Mick Fitzgerald talking with curators Barbara Paulson and Jay Arthur. Photo: Judith Hickson.

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