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Keeping abreast of cancer awareness

WARNING: Visitors should be aware that this website includes images and names of deceased people that may cause sadness or distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Keeping abreast of cancer awareness

14 Jun 2016

by Dr Lily Withycombe

Two ornately decorated bras made by Grace Bond and Landon Palm were recently installed in the National Museum’s new acquisitions case. This case, on the walkway to the Museum’s galleries, displays some of the most exciting new objects and artworks in our collection.

Black bra decorated with red and yellow fabric and stitching.
Midget Bra, 2014, by Grace Bond, has ‘Courage’ embroidered on the right cup and ‘Frances Juanita Tyson' on the left cup, in honour of Grace’s sister, who died in 2001. Grace said her sister was 'courageous in her battle, not only for Indigenous rights, but for her personal fight against breast cancer to the very end’. Photo: George Serras.

Many Threads 

These bras are among 12 award-winning bras acquired by the National Museum. They were created during a two-day workshop in October 2014 organised by the Many Threads sewing group at the Ration Shed Museum in Cherbourg, south-eastern Queensland.  

The bras were part of the Bizarre Bra event, where the women of the Many Threads group hung more than 100 bras along a fence line from Cherbourg to Murgon. The display raised awareness about breast cancer and recognised those affected by the disease, along with their families and friends.

Three women holding bras stand in front of a fence and a hand painted banner which reads 'Support breast cancer. Hang a bra'.
Adding to the Bizarre Bras on the fence line were Cherbourg women (from left) Gloria Bell, Cheryl Cooper and Raelee Singleton. Photo: Sandra Morgan, Ration Shed Museum.

The bras were judged in categories including Road to Recovery, Inspirational and Golden Oldies. Grace Bond’s Midget Bra, pictured above, won the Deadliest Bra and Memorial Tribute Bra categories. Landon Palm’s bra, Fresh is Best, won the Under 18 category.

Both bras are on show at the National Museum in Canberra until 25 July 2016.


Ration Shed Museum 

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