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Many of our exhibitions have extensive feature websites, some with enhanced online-only content.

We also have feature websites developed as collaborations with other museums, community groups or students.

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Research and scholarship are central to the National Museum of Australia's collection, exhibitions, publications and other activities. This research includes Australian history, care of its collection and museological areas including audience, evaluation and outreach.

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Explore Australian history through collection objects

A small gold locket worn by Winnie O'Sullivan, sweetheart of Australian boxing legend Les Darcy.
A tuckerbox and wharfies' hook from Aboriginal activist and waterside worker Joe McGuiness.
The 1934 Melbourne Cup trophy won by racehorse Peter Pan.
An amateur portrait of Australia's first celebrity racehorse from the 1840s.
A girl's costume handmade during the Depression to promote her father's availability for work.
A Grubb telescope used by a bank manager and amateur astronomer in his NSW observatory.
Snapshots of mining and life in 1860s Queensland from geologist and photographer Richard Daintree.
Made by Esme Timbery in the Indigenous tradition of making shellwork artefacts in Sydney.
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