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Many of our exhibitions have extensive feature websites, some with enhanced online-only content.

We also have feature websites developed as collaborations with other museums, community groups or students.

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Research and scholarship are central to the National Museum of Australia's collection, exhibitions, publications and other activities. This research includes Australian history, care of its collection and museological areas including audience, evaluation and outreach.

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Explore Australian history through collection objects

A mechanical shearing handpiece presented to champion shearer Jack Howe by the Wolseley company in 1893.
A Concord coach used in northern New South Wales in the 1880s, and later in several films.
One of the earliest Melbourne cups, and a Queen's Plate trophy, won by champion racehorse Tim Whiffler.
Portable ophthalmology equipment used in remote communities by the renowned eye surgeon.
The earliest known Melbourne Cup in its original state.
Memorabilia associated with Australian aviation pioneers, Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm.
Clocks and the windows from Australia's longest-running children's TV show.
An Australian flag retrieved from the ruins of the World Trade Center.
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