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Many of our exhibitions have extensive feature websites, some with enhanced online-only content.

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Research and scholarship are central to the National Museum of Australia's collection, exhibitions, publications and other activities. This research includes Australian history, care of its collection and museological areas including audience, evaluation and outreach.

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Explore Australian history through collection objects

Ploughing medal won by James Ferrier in 1869.
One of a few surviving examples of Australian engineer Edgar Percival's most successful aircraft designs.
Tools, models and memorabilia from one of Australia's greatest engineering feats.
Material relating to gardening expert Ivy Lovric who inspired 'Aunty Ivy'.
Personal objects belonging to an Australian woman who lost her life in the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Recovered from the Great Barrier Reef 200 years after it was jettisoned from Cook's 'Endeavour'.
A girl's costume handmade during the Depression to promote her father's availability for work.
One of a fleet of horsedrawn vehicles used by the Newcastle & Suburban Co-operative Society from the 1940s.

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