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Researcher examining the ground in the desert.

Research and scholarship are central to the National Museum of Australia's collection, exhibitions, publications and other activities. This research includes Australian history, care of its collection and museological areas including audience, evaluation and outreach.

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Podcasts of conferences, seminars and programs covering a diverse range of historical and museological topics.


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Many of our exhibitions have extensive feature websites, some with enhanced online-only content. We also have feature websites developed as collaborations with other museums, community groups or students.

Explore Australian history through collection objects

O gauge trains from Australia and New Zealand in the 1930s-1960s.
Worn by 1984 Australian Mount Everest expedition team member Geoff Bartram.
Made by Esme Timbery in the Indigenous tradition of making shellwork artefacts in Sydney.
Fifteen drawing instruments in a presentation case owned and used by architect John Smith Murdoch.
A 1790s Pembroke work table made in England with a veneer of Australian timber.
Worn while lobbying for recognition of Aboriginal Australians in the 1967 Referendum campaign.
John Konrads' medals and memorabilia from the 1960 Rome and 1956 Melbourne Olympics.
The original prototype cochlear implant and a major advance in the treatment of deafness.
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