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Violent Ends: The Arts of Environmental Anxiety
The Studio, National Museum of Australia
9.30am to 5pm, 11 June 2009

audio Violent Ends audio on demand - full audio file and consolidated transcript available

9.30am Welcome and 'Lament for Gaia'
Chorus of Women
9.45am We Need Rain
Jess Weir (AIATSIS) and Aboriginal views on the Murray River
9.50am Diptych One: Art for the Anthropocene
Mandy Martin in conversation with William Fox
10.30am Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance
Film screening
12.00pm Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance - Commentary and discussion
Roger Hillman and Will Steffen
1pm The Art and Science of Resilience
Libby Robin
1.04pm Channelling Griffith Taylor's Environmental Anxieties
Carolyn Strange
1.10pm Water/Marks
Laura Boynes and James Shannon
1.15pm Glacier in Retreat
Tom Griffiths
1.45pm Forum: Death of the Disregarded in the Time of Extinction: The Ecological Humanities and Unloved Others
Chair: Tom Griffiths
Speakers: Deborah Bird Rose and Thom van Dooren
2.45pm Poetic Meditation: Disowning
William Fox
3.20pm Ecological Consciousness and Local Action: Prophetic Voices of the Limestone Plains
Kate Rigby
3.50pm Diptych Two: Desert Channels: The Impulse to Conserve
Mandy Martin in conversation with Libby Robin
4pm 'Reconciliation' from The Gifts of the Furies
Chorus of Concerned Citizens
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