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The war effort

The war effort

This scene depicts Second World War servicemen Roy Goon and Thomas See who both served in the Royal Australian Air Force

Second World War servicemen depicted here are Roy Goon, squadron leader, 83rd Squadron Royal Australian Air Force; Thomas See, who served with the 461 and 224 squadrons, and Reginald Long who served with artillery regiments, 2nd Australian Imperial Forces.

Chinese Australians' contribution to the war effort

Thomas See was the first Australian of Chinese origin to enter the Royal Australian Air Force. He later served as a bombing leader in Europe and flew long range aircraft over the Atlantic. In 1943 Roy Goon became a squadron leader commanding the 83rd Squadron in the Royal Australian Air Force. Bo Liu enlisted with the Royal Australian Navy and was later appointed Captain's secretary.

Chinese Australians also made a valuable contribution to the war effort by meeting the demand for labour to build landing barges at the American military base in Brisbane. One hundred and seventy Chinese men moved to Brisbane from Sydney to work on the project.

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