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Revolution in China

Revolution in China

This scene shows Wong Yue-Kung lobbying the Australian Chinese community for their support in the Chinese republican movement

Chinese republican movement representative, Wong Yue-Kung is lobbying the Australian Chinese community for support.

The young China league

Lew Goot-Chee and Wong Yue-Kung arrived in Melbourne in 1908 to raise support for the Chinese republican movement led by Dr Sun Yat-Sen. They co-edited the Chinese Times and gave lectures criticising the Qing (Manchu) dynasty. In an effort to counteract the influence of the monarchist movement in Australia, they formed the Young China League in 1911, with the New South Wales branch being headed by JA Chuey.

Through the Chinese Times, the Young China League rebutted the conservative views promoted by the pro-monarchist Tung Wah Times. The league also encouraged donations to the National Patriotic Fund supporting Dr Sun Yat-Sen. From 1911 to 1913, £36,000 was raised by the Chinese in Australia and the South Pacific.

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