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Republican victory

Republican victory

This scene shows people who were opposed to the 1911 revolution in China, preparing banners and symbolic decorations for the Dragon flag parade. Yee Hing Society banners are also shown which represent Australian Chinese communities who supported the revolution

Marching in this Dragon flag parade are people opposed to the 1911 revolution in China. Yee Hing Society banners also represent Australian Chinese communities who supported the revolution.

The dragon flag

To mark the Chinese Revolution in 1911, the Dragon flag, the symbol of the Qing (Manchu) dynasty, was replaced with the 12-pointed star republican flag. At the Chinese Consulate-General in Melbourne, Australian-born William Liu, an interpreter at the Consulate, was charged with pulling down the Manchu flag and hoisting the new republican flag.

The revolution was met with a mixed reaction by Chinese communities in Australia. Although many rejoiced at the demise of the Manchu dynasty and celebrated with myriads of fireworks, more conservative Chinese communities organised a Dragon flag parade in Sydney to demonstrate their support for the Imperial dynasty.

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