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We came as workers, we stayed as citizens

We came as workers, we stayed as citizens

Celebrating more than 40 years of Turkish migration to Australia

40 Years

Celebrating more than 40 years since Australia and Turkey signed an assisted immigration agreement, this graphic exhibition highlighted the history and growth of Victoria's Turkish community.

In 1967 the Australian and Turkish governments signed an agreement that led to the assisted migration of people from Turkey to Australia for residence and employment.

In 1968 the first assisted migrants were welcomed by Cypriot Turks who had settled in Australia.

Together they formed the basis of Australia's Turkish-speaking community.

Initially, many Turkish immigrants arrived on Australian shores with a view of themselves as 'guest workers' and the intention of eventually returning to their homeland. For many, however, this intention changed to a wish to remain.

The exhibition explored the challenges faced by early Turkish immigrants as they settled into life in Victoria, and charted their successes and contributions to our multicultural community.

Developed and presented by the Turkish 40th Anniversary Celebrations Committee Melbourne.

The exhibition was on show at the National Museum of Australia from 6 March to 14 April 2009 in the Nation Focus Gallery.